Eric Jensen accepts one-year position as Special Counsel at the DOD

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We are proud to announce that the General Counsel to the United States Department of Defense has requested our partner, Eric Jensen, serve in a one-year position as the Special Counsel to the General Counsel.  This is a tremendous honor for Eric and his family, and he has graciously accepted. As Special Counsel, Eric will act as a legal adviser to the General Counsel, where he will provide advice on international law and law of armed conflict issues. He will return to Corn, Jensen & Morse next fall. Congratulations to Eric!

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Eric Jensen & Geoff Corn

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Partners Eric Jensen and Geoff Corn join the respondents as amici in the United States Supreme Court case of Bank Markazi v. Deborah D. Peterson. As national security law experts, Professors Corn and Jensen argue that the use of economic sanctions is a vital government tool to prevent state-sponsored acts of terrorism, and that the U.S. judicial system should afford substantial deference to deliberate congressional efforts in ensuring victims of state-sponsored terrorism can pursue valid judgments against Iran. Read the entire brief below: Bank Markazi v. Peterson; amici brief from Nat’l Sec. Law...

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Partners Geoff Corn and Jay Morse Consulted by the NYT:

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Navy SEALs, aBeating Death andClaims of a Cover-Up By NICHOLAS KULISH, CHRISTOPHER DREW and MATTHEW ROSENBERGDEC. 17, 2015 The three Navy SEALs stomped on the bound Afghan detainees and dropped heavy stones on their chests, the witnesses recalled. They stood on the prisoners’ heads and poured bottles of water on some of their faces in what, to a pair of Army soldiers, appeared to be an improvised form of waterboarding. A few hours earlier, shortly after dawn on May 31, 2012, a bomb had exploded at a checkpoint manned by an Afghan Local Police unit that the SEALs were training. Angered by the death of one of their comrades in the blast, the police militiamen had rounded up half a dozen or more suspects from a market in the village of Kalach and forced them to a nearby American outpost. Along the way, they beat them with rifle butts and car antennas. A United States Army medic standing guard at the base, Specialist David Walker, had expected the men from SEAL Team 2 to put a stop to the abuse. Instead, he said, one of them “jump-kicked this guy kneeling on the ground.” Two others joined in, Specialist Walker and several other soldiers recounted, and along with the Afghan militiamen, they beat the detainees so badly that by dusk, one would die. Read More at the New York...

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Jay Morse and Geoff Corn’s comments on the US bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan

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Small Wars Journal – A Picture May be “Worth a Thousand Words”, But it’s Rarely Clear in the Fog of War – 2015-10-13  

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